French Monarchs

Arms of the Kingdom of France

Philippe II Auguste (1165-1223)
King of France (1180-1223)

Louis IX (France)

Louis IX (1214-1270)
King of France (1226-1270)

François I (France)

François I (1494-1547)
Count of Angoulême
Duke of Valois
King of France (1515-1547)

Henri II (1519-1559)
King of France (1547-1559)

Henri IV (France)

Henri IV (1553-1610)
Henri le Grand, né Henri de Bourbon
King of France (1589-1610)
King of Navarre, as Henri III (1572-1610)

Napoleon I (France)

Napoléon I (1769-1821)
First Consul of the French Republic (1799-1804)
Emperor of the French (1804-1815)
President of the Italian Republic (1802-1805)
King of Italy (1805-1814)

Louis XVIII (1755-1824)
Louis Stanislas Xavier
Louis le Désiré
King of France (1814-1824)

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