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La sfida delle Pieridi (c.1523-1527)

Rosso Fiorentino (1495-1540) La sfida delle Pieridi (The Challenge of the Pierides) c.1523–1527 Oil on wood transferred to canvas, 31 x 63 cm Musée du Louvre, Paris A rare mythological subject This small painting represents an episode reported by Ovid in…

Fort Samson, Grandcamp (1885)

Seurat, Georges (1859-1891) Fort Samson, Grandcamp 1885 Oil on canvas, 65 x 81.5 cm Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg See also: • Grandcamp-Maisy (France) | Normandie

Madonna Conestabile (c.1504)

Raffaello (1483-1520) Madonna Conestabile (Conestabile Madonna) c.1504 Tempera on canvas (handed over from panel), 17.5 x 18 cm Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg Raphael entered the history of Italian art as the “genius of harmony”. The ideals of the High Renaissance were…

Pompiers ruraux (1857)

Puvis de Chavannes, Pierre (1824-1898) Pompiers ruraux (Rural Firefighters) 1857 Oil on canvas, 179 x 228 cm Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg