San Diego d’Alcalá riceve l’abito francescano (1604-1605)

Carracci, Annibale (1560-1609)

San Diego d’Alcalá riceve l’abito francescano (Saint Didacus of Alcalá receiving the franciscan habit)
Fresco transferred to canvas, 132 x 211.1 cm
Museo del PradoMadrid

Annibale Carracci painted these works without previous cartoons as part of a group for the chapel of San Diego de Alcalá at the Church of San Giacomo degli Spagnoli in Rome. This church’s founder, don Diego de Herrera, commissioned Albani and Carracci to paint these works, for which the latter supplied all of the drawings. Badalocchio and Lanfranco were also involved. King Ferdinand VII had Sculptor Antonio Solá pass them to canvas. After they arrived in Spain in 1851, nine remained in Barcelona and seven came to the Museo de la Trinidad in Madrid, from whence they passed to the Museo del Prado (P00076, P00077, P00078, P02908, P02909, P02910). (MNP)

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