Napoléon sur le champ de Bataille d’Eylau (1808)

Gros, Antoine-Jean (1771-1835)

Napoléon sur le champ de Bataille d’Eylau (Napoleon on the battlefield of Eylau)
Oil on canvas, 521 x 784 cm
Musée du LouvreParis

Napoléon Bonaparte is shown on the battlefield of Eylau on February 9, 1807, the day after the Battle of Eylau (February 8, 1807).

Winter landscape. Napoleon, on horseback, with his arm outstretched, visits the battlefield of Eylau. He is surrounded by doctors and marshals. A Lithuanian soldier, supported by surgeon Percy, speaks to him. Another wounded soldier kisses his leg. On the right, Marshal Murat, on a prancing black horse. In the foreground, bodies of soldiers piled up under the snow, one of whom is struggling. (Louvre)

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