The Huis ten Bosch from the South (c.1668-1670)

Van der Heyden, Jan (1637-1712)

The Huis ten Bosch at The Hague and Its Formal Garden (View from the South)
Oil on wood, 39.1 x 55.2 cm
Metropolitan Museum of ArtNew York

Both an artist and an inventor (among other urban improve­ments, he conceived the fire pump), Van der Heyden specialized in precise and luminous cityscapes and views of country houses. These two jewel-like paintings depict Huis ten Bosch (House in the Woods), the country home of the widowed Princess of Orange and still a residence of the Dutch royal family today. Van der Heyden shows the house amid its formal garden of hedgerows, pavilions, and obelisks, peopled by laboring gardeners and strolling aristocrats. French-style gardens like this one expressed an ideal of nature brought entirely under human control, ordered and harmonious. (MET)


Van der Heyden, Jan (1637-1712)
The Huis ten Bosch from the East
Metropolitan Museum of ArtNew York



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