Crepuscule in Opal, Trouville (1865)

Whistler, James Abbott McNeill (1834-1903)

Crepuscule in Opal, Trouville
Oil on canvas, 34.9 x 46 cm
Toledo Museum of ArtToledo

Though born in Massachusetts, Whistler spent most of his career in Europe, first in Paris, then settling in London in 1859. Whistler painted this almost abstract view of the beach while on a trip to Trouville, France, with fellow painter Gustave Courbet. The title relates both to the time of day depicted (twilight) and to the overall color harmony of the painting. Whistler, who advocated that art should stand on its own merits (“art for art’s sake”), often titled his paintings as if they were musical compositions to emphasize an analogy to musical harmonies. (TMA)

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