Saint Yves, patron saint of lawyers (s.d.)

Jordaens, Jacob (1593-1678)

Saint Yves, patron saint of lawyers
Gouache on two cardboard glued together, 300 x 312 cm
Musée du LouvreParis

This cartoon was designed in the mid-1640s for the eight-piece ‘Proverbs’ hanging. On September 22, 1644, Jordaens undertook to deliver patterns illustrating proverbs for a room decorated with tapestries to the Brussels weavers Frans van Cotthem, Jan Cordijs and Boudewijn van Beveren. Most of the hangings find their source in Jacob Cats’ best-selling book, ‘The Mirror of Old Times and New Times’. Read A. Merle du Bourg in cat. of exp. ‘Jordaens 1593-1678’, Paris, Petit Palais, 2013, n° VII-5, p. 308, note 1. (Louvre)