Portrait de Cézanne (1874)

Pissarro, Camille (1830-1903)

Portrait de Cézanne (Portrait of Cézanne)
Oil on canvas, 73 × 59.7 cm
National GalleryLondon

On loan from the collection of Laurence Graff OBE, © Laurence Graff OBE

Pissarro‘s influence profoundly changed the direction of Cézanne‘s art as they worked together at Pontoise in the early 1870s. In this portrait of Cézanne, a painting by Pissarro hangs at the lower right. Two political prints show the statesman Adolphe Thiers on the left and the painter Courbet on the right, famous men of the day who both seem to acknowledge Cézanne. The portrait is a tutor’s affectionate testament of support and friendship for a brilliant protégé, and a humorous prediction that fame and glory would one day be his.

The portrait hung in Pissarro‘s studio until his death in 1903. (NG)


Pissarro, Camille (1830-1903)
Paul Cézanne
Cleveland Museum of ArtCleveland



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