Tag: 16th Century

Due Apostoli (Late 16th century)

Tintoretto, Jacopo (1518-1594) Due Apostoli (Two Apostles) Late 16th century Oil on canvas, 47 x 38.7 cm Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia This painting is likely a fragment of (or perhaps a study for) a larger painting of the Last Supper. Although the…

Adorazione dei pastori (late 15th-early 16th century)

Signorelli, Luca (c.1445-1523) Adorazione dei pastori (Adoration of the Shepherds) late 15th-early 16th century Oil on canvas (probably transferred from wood), 163 × 163.5 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Compare: Signorelli, Luca (c.1445-1523) Adorazione dei pastori c.1496 National Gallery, London