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Apollo insegue Dafne (c.1755-1760)

Tiepolo, Giambattista (1696-1770) Apollo insegue Dafne (Apollo Pursuing Daphne) c.1755–1760 Oil on canvas, 68.5 x 87 cm National Gallery of Art, Washington Compare: Tiepolo, Giambattista (1696-1770) Apollo e Dafne 1741 Musée du Louvre, Paris    

La fortezza di Königstein (1756-1758)

Bellotto, Bernardo (1721–1780) La fortezza di Königstein (The Fortress of Königstein) 1756–1758 Oil on canvas, 133 x 235.7 cm National Gallery of Art, Washington See also: • Königstein Fortress (Germany)

Thomas Picton

(1758–1815) Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas Picton Thomas Picton in Film: Waterloo 1970 Director: Sergei Bondarchuk Starring: Rod Steiger, Christopher Plummer   Born August 24 1758 Haverfordwest (Wales) Died June 18 1815 Waterloo (Belgium)