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Jeune femme pensive (1855-1860)

Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille (1796-1875) Jeune femme pensive (Pensive Young Woman) 1855–1860 Oil on panel mounted to plywood, 31.8 × 23.7 cm Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia

Arabe sellant son cheval (1855)

Delacroix, Eugène (1798-1863) Arabe sellant son cheval (Arab Saddling his Horse) 1855 Oil on canvas, 56 x 47 cm Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg Delacroix was a founder of the Romantic trend in 19th-century painting. He took this subject from his recollections…

The Light of The World (1851-1856)

Hunt, William Holman (1827-1910) The Light of The World 1851–1856 Oil on canvas, 49.8 x 26.1 cm Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Painting in the shape of an arched doorway. Standing at a wooden doorway with rusted hinges and overgrown with ivy and…

The Scapegoat (1854-1855)

Hunt, William Holman (1827-1910) The Scapegoat 1854–1855 oil on canvas, 33.7 x 45.9 cm Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester Vividly coloured depiction of a russet coloured goat on the brink of death. The goat stands in the centre foreground, head lowered, haunches caving…

The Scapegoat (1854-1856)

Hunt, William Holman (1827-1910) The Scapegoat 1854–1856 Oil on canvas, 86 x 140 cm Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight Compare: Hunt, William Holman (1827-1910) The Scapegoat 1854–1855 Manchester Art Gallery, Manchester    

Eugène Boch

(1855–1941) The artist’s works: The Mine Crachet-Picquery 1888–1890 Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Eugène Boch in Art: Van Gogh, Vincent (1853-1890) Eugène Boch 1888 Musée d’Orsay, Paris     Van Gogh, Vincent (1853-1890) The Bedroom 1888 Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Born September 1 1855 La Louvière…

Robert Browning (1855)

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel (1828-1882) Robert Browning 1855 Watercolor, chalk and graphite on paper, 12.1 x 10.8 cm Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge See also: • Browning, Robert (1812-1889)