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Port de Marseille (1907)

Signac, Paul (1863-1935) Port de Marseille (Harbour at Marseilles) 1907 Oil on canvas, 46 x 55 cm Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg The pointillist technique used in this painting consists of small dotted applications of paint, and is sometimes also described as…

Orphée (c.1903-1910)

Redon, Odilon (1840-1916) Orphée (Orpheus) c.1903–1910 Pastel on brown paper, 68.8 x 56.8 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Drawn in vivid layers of pastel crayon, this work depicts the head of the poet and musician Orpheus. The story of the…

The Sick Child (1907)

Munch, Edvard (1863-1944) The Sick Child (Det syke barn) 1907 Oil on canvas, 118.7 x 121 cm Tate Britain, London The Sick Child draws upon Munch’s memory of his sister Sophie’s death from tuberculosis at the age of fifteen. The model…

Apparition (1905-1910)

Redon, Odilon (1840-1916) Apparition 1905–1910 Oil on canvas, 65 x 50 cm Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton During the 1890s, Redon shifted his attention from charcoal drawing and lithography to a practice that embraced color, working in pastels and oil paints.…

Anna Zimmerman

(1829–1907) Anna Zimmerman in Art: Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique (1780-1867) Madame Charles Gounod 1859 Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago   Husband Charles Gounod (1818-1893)

Nymphéas (1907)

Monet, Claude (1840-1926) Nymphéas (Water Lilies) 1907 Oil on canvas, 81 x 92 cm Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford

Mia madre che lavora (1907)

Boccioni, Umberto (1882-1916) Mia madre che lavora (My Mother Working) 1907 Drypoint printed in black on wove paper, 36.2 × 31 cm National Gallery of Art, Washington See also: • Boccioni, Cecilia Forlani (?)