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Danse à la ville (1883)

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919) Danse à la ville (Dance in the city) 1883 Oil on canvas, 179.7 x 89.1 cm Musée d’Orsay, Paris Renoir was fond of dance scenes. These two paintings were designed as pendants: they are of the same format…

Danse à la campagne (1883)

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919) Danse à la campagne (Dance in the countryside) 1883 Oil on canvas, 180.3 x 90 cm Musée d’Orsay, Paris Renoir was fond of dance scenes. These two paintings were designed as pendants: they are of the same format and…

Madame Renoir (c.1910)

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919) Madame Renoir c.1910 Oil on canvas, 80 x 64 cm Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford See also: • Charigot, Aline (1859-1915)

Renoir (2012)

Director: Gilles Bourdos Producer: Olivier Delbosc, Marc Missonnier Screenplay: Gilles Bourdos Based on: Le Tableau amoureux by Jacques Renoir Genre: Biography | Drama | Historical Music: Alexandre Desplat Country: France Language: French Studio: Fidélité Release date: 2012 Running time: 111 minutes Michel Bouquet (1925-2022)…

Baigneuse blonde (1881)

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919) Baigneuse blonde (Blonde Bather) 1881 Oil on canvas, 81.6 x 65.4 cm Clark Art Institute, Williamstown Compare: Renoir, Auguste (1841-1919) La Baigneuse blonde 1882 Pinacoteca Agnelli, Torino     See also: • Charigot, Aline (1859-1915)

La Famille de l’artiste (1896)

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919) La Famille de l’artiste (The Artist’s Family) 1896 Oil on canvas, 173 x 137.2 cm Barnes Foundation, Philadelphia Renoir presents his family in the garden of their residence in Paris. At center Renoir‘s wife, Aline Charigot Renoir, wears…

La Baigneuse blonde (1882)

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919) La Baigneuse blonde (Blonde Bather) 1882 Oil on canvas, 90 x 63 cm Pinacoteca Agnelli, Torino Compare: Renoir, Auguste (1841-1919) Baigneuse blonde 1881 Clark Art Institute, Williamstown     See also: • Charigot, Aline (1859-1915)

Aline Charigot (c.1885)

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919) Aline Charigot c.1885 Oil on canvas, 65.4 × 54 cm Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia See also: • Charigot, Aline (1859-1915)

Jeune femme cousant (1879)

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919) Jeune femme cousant (Young Woman Sewing) 1879 Oil on canvas, 61.4 × 50.5 cm Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago The model for this elegant painting of a French bourgeois woman sewing may be Aline Charigot, whom Pierre-Auguste Renoir would…

Madame Renoir au chien (1880)

Renoir, Pierre-Auguste (1841-1919) Madame Renoir au chien (Madame Renoir with a Dog) 1880 Oil on canvas, 32 x 41 cm Private collection See also: • Charigot, Aline (1859-1915)