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Quattro stagioni in una testa (c.1590)

Arcimboldo, Giuseppe (1526-1593) Quattro stagioni in una testa (Four Seasons in One Head) c.1590 Oil on panel, 60.4 x 44.7 cm National Gallery of Art, Washington In this vertical painting, a tree trunk, branches, plants, fruit, and flowers are arranged to…

Giuseppe Arcimboldo

(1526–1593) The artist’s works: Il Bibliotecario 1562 Skoklosters Slott, Sweden Estate 1563 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Inverno 1563 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Il Fuoco 1566 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Il Giurista 1566 Nationalmuseum, Stockholm L’Acqua 1566 Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Il Cuoco c.1570 Nationalmuseum, Stockholm Autunno 1573 Musée du Louvre, Paris Estate…

Il Cuoco (c. 1570)

Arcimboldo, Giuseppe (1526-1593) Il Cuoco (The Cook) c.1570 Oil on canvas, 52.5 x 41 cm Nationalmuseum, Stockholm “Reversible head” which allows for a dual interpretation when turned upside-down.

Il Giurista (1566)

Arcimboldo, Giuseppe (1526-1593) Il Giurista (The Lawyer, possibly Ulrich Zasius) 1566 Oil on canvas, 64 x 51 cm Nationalmuseum, Stockholm

Nationalmuseum (Stockholm)

1792: Founded as “Kungliga Museet” (Royal Museum) 1866: Current building completed and opened Location: Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2, 111 48 Stockholm Website: https://www.nationalmuseum.se/en/ Collection: • Arcimboldo, Giuseppe (1526-1593): Il Cuoco (c.1570) • Arcimboldo, Giuseppe (1526-1593): Il Giurista (1566) • Manet, Édouard (1832-1883): Jeune garçon pelant une…

Skoklosters Slott (Sweden)

Built: 1654–1676 Location: Skoklosters slott, 746 96 Skokloster, Sweden Website: https://skoklostersslott.se/en Collection: • Arcimboldo, Giuseppe (1526-1593): Il Bibliotecario (1562) • Arcimboldo, Giuseppe (1526-1593): Rodolfo II in veste di Vertunno (c.1590) See also: • Castles | Museums | Sweden

Ortaggi in una ciotola o L’ortolano (c.1590)

Arcimboldo, Giuseppe (1526-1593) Ortaggi in una ciotola o L’ortolano (Basket of Fruit or The Vegetable Gardener) c.1590 Oil on panel, 36 x 24 cm Museo Civico Ala Ponzone, Cremona The Vegetable Gardener upsidedown. “Reversible head” which allows for a dual interpretation…

L’Acqua (1566)

Arcimboldo, Giuseppe (1526-1593) L’Acqua (Water) 1566 Oil on alder wood, 66.5 x 50.5 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Inscription on the back side: AQUA Two paintings from the “Four Elements” series can be found in the KHM. They can be interpreted in…