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Bacco e Arianna (1520-1523)

Tiziano (c.1488-1576) Bacco e Arianna (Bacchus and Ariadne) 1520–1523 Oil on canvas, 176.5 x 191 cm National Gallery, London Detail of the Crown Constellation. Detail of Ariadne and Theseus‘s ship. Detail of Bacchus. Detail of Pan. Detail of Bacchante. Detail of…

Statue dite “Bacchus Richelieu” (1793)

Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique (1780-1867) Statue dite “Bacchus Richelieu” (The so-called “Bacchus Richelieu”) 1793 Charcoal with stumping slightly accented with black chalk, 70 × 53 cm Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton Ingres‘s early academic training in Toulouse is reflected in this…

Anacréon, Bacchus et l’Amour (1878)

Gérôme, Jean-Léon (1824-1904) Anacréon, Bacchus et l’Amour (Anacreon with the Infants Bacchus and Cupid) modeled 1878 (cast c.1893) Bronze, 72.4 × 43.8 cm Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago See also: • Anacreon (c.582 BC-c.488 BC)

Bacchus and Ariadne (c.1680)

Lairesse, Gérard de (1641-1711) Bacchus and Ariadne c.1680 Oil on canvas, 175.2 x 92.5 cm Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (on loan from Mauritshuis, The Hague) Detail. Detail.