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Pieter Bruegel the Elder

(c.1525–1569) The artist’s works: The Adoration of the Kings c.1556 Musées Royaux de Belgique, Brussels Parable of the Sower 1557 Timken Museum of Art, San Diego Naval Battle in the Gulf of Naples c.1558 Galleria Doria Pamphilj, Roma Landscape with the Fall…

La Rendición de Breda (c.1635)

Velázquez, Diego (1599-1660) Las lanzas, o La Rendición de Breda (The Surrender of Breda) c.1635 Oil on canvas, 307 x 367 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid See also: • Breda (Netherlands) | Siege of Breda (1624)

Breda (Netherlands)

Breda in art: Velázquez, Diego (1599-1660) La Rendición de Breda c.1635 Museo del Prado, Madrid     History: • Siege of Breda (1624) Births: • Bruegel, Pieter the Elder (c.1525-1569) See also: • Cities | Netherlands