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Enée rencontre Didon à Carthage (c.1875)

Cézanne, Paul (1839-1906) Enée rencontre Didon à Carthage (Aeneas Meeting Dido at Carthage) c.1875 Watercolor, gouache, and graphite on buff laid paper, 12 x 18.4 cm Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton Verso: See also: • Virgil (70 BC-19 BC)


(c.195 BC-c.159 BC) Publius Terentius Afer Works: • The Comedies of Terence (English) Codex Vaticanus Latinus (9th century) with the portrait of Terence. Terence in Art: Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640) Venus Frigida 1614 Koninklijk Museum voor Schone Kunsten, Antwerp   Born c.195…

Christopher Marlowe

(1564–1593) Works: • Accurs’d be he that first invented war! (English) • Edward the Second (English) • Hero and Leander and Other Poems (English) • Hero and Leander and Other Poems (Latin) • I Must Have Wanton Poets (English) •…


Carthage in Art: Turner, Joseph (1775-1851) Dido building Carthage 1815 National Gallery, London     Births: • Terence (c.195 BC-c.159 BC) See also: • Cities | Tunisia