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The Hyde Collection (Glens Falls)

Founded: 1952 Location: 161 Warren St, Glens Falls, NY 12801 Website: https://www.hydecollection.org/ Collection: • Botticelli, Sandro (c.1445-1510): Annunciazione (c.1492) See also: • Collections | Glens Falls (USA) | Museums

Stiftung Sammlung E. G. Bührle (Zürich)

Established: 1960 Location: Zollikerstrasse, 172, 8008 Zürich Website: https://www.buehrle.ch/ Collection: • Boudin, Eugène (1824-1898): Berck, pêcheuses sur la plage, marée basse (1894) • Boudin, Eugène (1824-1898): Trouville, la jetée, marée basse (1883-87) • Manet, Édouard (1832-1883): Le Suicidé (c.1877) • Renoir, Auguste (1841-1919): Portrait d’Alfred Sisley (1864) • Sisley,…

Chatsworth House (Derbyshire, England)

Built: 1553 Location: Bakewell, Derbyshire DE45 1PP, England Website: https://www.chatsworth.org/ Collection: • Canova, Antonio (1757-1822): Letizia Ramolino Bonaparte (1804-1807) See also: • Houses | England | UK

Burrell Collection (Glasgow)

Location: Pollok Country Park, 2060 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow G43 1AT Website: https://www.glasgowlife.org.uk/museums/venues/the-burrell-collection Collection: • Degas, Edgar (1834-1917): Portrait d’Edmond Duranty (1879) See also: • Collections | Glasgow (Scotland) | Museums

Wallace Collection (London)

Established: 1897 Location: Hertford House, Manchester Square, London W1U 3BN Website: https://www.wallacecollection.org/ Collection: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z See…

Menil Collection (Houston)

Opened: 1987 Location: 1533 Sul Ross St, Houston, TX 77006 Website: https://www.menil.org/ Collection: • De Chirico, Giorgio (1888-1978): Interno metafisico con biscotti (1916) • Léger, Fernand (1881-1955): La mère et l’enfant (1951) • Magritte, René (1898-1967): Golconde (1953) • Magritte, René (1898-1967): La folie des…

Frick Collection (New York)

Established: 1913 Location: 1 East 70th Street, New York, NY 10021 Website: https://www.frick.org/ Collection: A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z…

Wilton House (Wiltshire)

1544: Buildings and land are granted by Henry VIII to Sir William Herbert Location: The Estate Office, Wilton, Salisbury SP2 0BJ, UK Website: https://www.wiltonhouse.co.uk/ Collection: • Bruegel the Elder, Pieter (c.1525-1569): Winter Landscape with a Bird Trap (1565) See also: • Houses | England | UK