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Maude Hassam

(1862–1946) née Kathleen Maude Doane Maude in Art: Hassam, Childe (1859-1935) The French Breakfast 1910 Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid     Hassam, Childe (1859-1935) The Mantle Piece 1912 Bush-Holley House, Cos Cob   Born June 26 1862 Montréal (Canada) Died October 13 1946 Manhattan,…

The Mantle Piece (1912)

Hassam, Childe (1859-1935) The Mantle Piece 1912 Oil on wood (cigar box lid) Bush-Holley House, Cos Cob A young girl, unidentified, stands in front of the fireplace in the best bedroom of Bush-Holley House. The chair to the right is still…

Bush-Holley House (Cos Cob)

Bush-Holley Historic Site Built: 1732 Location: 39 Strickland Road, Cos Cob, CT 06807 Website: https://greenwichhistory.org/the-bush-holley-house/ Collection: • Hassam, Childe (1859-1935): Clarissa (1912) • Hassam, Childe (1859-1935): The Mantle Piece (1912) See also: • Cos Cob, Greenwich, CT (USA) | Houses | Museums

Childe Hassam

(1859–1935) Frederick Childe Hassam   The artist’s works: Self-portrait s.d. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Boston Common at Twilight 1885–1886 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Columbus Avenue, Rainy Day 1885 Worcester Art Museum, Worcester Columbus Avenue Rainy Day 1885 Private collection Rainy Day,…

Barbara O’Neil

(1910–1980) Filmography as Actress: Gone with the Wind 1939 Director: Victor Fleming Starring: Clark Gable, Vivien Leigh   Born July 17 1910 St. Louis, MO (USA) Died September 3 1980 Cos Cob, CT (USA) Husband Joshua Logan (1908-1988) Occupation Actress