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Madonna Montalto (c.1600)

Carracci, Annibale (1560-1609) Madonna Montalto (The Holy Family with the Infant Saint John the Baptist) c.1600 Oil on copper, 35 x 27.5 cm National Gallery, London

The Four Rivers of Paradise (c.1615)

Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640) The Four Rivers of Paradise c.1615 Oil on canvas, 208 × 283 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Compare: Bernini, Gian Lorenzo (1598-1680) Fontana dei Fiumi 1651 Piazza Navona, Roma    

L’Arcangelo Michele (c.1496-1500)

Perugino (c.1446-1523) L’Arcangelo Michele (The Archangel Michael) c.1496–1500 Oil and egg temera on poplar, 114.7 x 56.6 cm National Gallery, London This was the left panel of the predella of an altarpiece made for the Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza. Altarpiece,…

Oedipe explique l’énigme du sphinx (1808)

Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique (1780-1867) Oedipe explique l’énigme du sphinx (Oedipus explains the enigma of the Sphinx) 1808 Oil on canvas, 189 x 144 cm Musée du Louvre, Paris Compare: Ingres, Jean Auguste Dominique (1780-1867) Oedipe et le Sphinx 1864 Walters Art…