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Allegorical Family Portrait (early 1650s)

Jordaens, Jacob (1593-1678) Allegorical Family Portrait early 1650s Oil on canvas, 178.4 x 152.3 cm Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg This group portrait is an allegorical depiction of a scene of betrothal or marriage. That is confirmed by the inclusion in the…

La Bella (1536-1538)

Tiziano (c.1488-1576) La Bella (Portrait of a Lady) 1536–1538 Oil on canvas, 89 × 75.5 cm Galleria Palatina, Palazzo Pitti, Firenze

The Four Rivers of Paradise (c.1615)

Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640) The Four Rivers of Paradise c.1615 Oil on canvas, 208 × 283 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Compare: Bernini, Gian Lorenzo (1598-1680) Fontana dei Fiumi 1651 Piazza Navona, Roma    

Susanna e i vecchioni (c.1555-1556)

Tintoretto, Jacopo (1518-1594) Susanna e i vecchioni (Susanna and the Elders) c.1555–1556 Oil on canvas, 146 × 193.6 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Compare: Tintoretto, Jacopo (1518-1594) Susanna e i Vecchioni 1552–1555 Museo del Prado, Madrid     Tintoretto, Jacopo (1518-1594) Susanna e…

Una donna che si mette dei fiori nei capelli (c.1710)

Carriera, Rosalba (1675-1757) Una donna che si mette dei fiori nei capelli (A Woman Putting Flowers in Her Hair) c.1710 Watercolor on ivory in a tortoiseshell pique-point frame, 8.6 x 10.5 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Scholars generally agree that…

Jeune femme au divan (c.1885)

Morisot, Berthe (1841-1895) Jeune femme au divan (Girl on a Divan) c.1885 Oil on canvas, 61 x 50.2 cm Tate Britain, London The artist’s grandson Denis Rouart writes (9 October 1969): ‘This painting was sold by my mother direct to Vollard…

The Artist’s Daughter Mary (1777)

Gainsborough, Thomas (1727-1788) The Artist’s Daughter Mary 1777 Oil on canvas, 77.5 × 64.8 cm Tate Britain, London On loan to Gainsborough’s House (Sudbury, UK). Gainsborough was very fond of his two daughters and painted them frequently from childhood into their late…

Jephthah (1867)

Millais, John Everett (1829-1896) Jephthah 1867 Oil on canvas, 127 x 162.7 cm National Museum Wales, Cardiff