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Catherine the Great

(1729–1796) born Princess Sophie Friederike Auguste of Anhalt-Zerbst Catherine II, Empress of Russia (1762–1796) Works commissioned by her: Reynolds, Joshua (1723-1792) The Infant Hercules c.1785–1789 Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton     Reynolds, Joshua (1723-1792) Infant Hercules Strangling Serpents 1786 Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg…

Empress Elisabeth of Austria

(1837–1898) Elisabeth Amalie Eugenie, Herzogin in Bayern Empress consort of Austria (1854-1898) Queen consort of Hungary (1854-1898) Queen consort of Croatia (1854-1898) Queen consort of Bohemia (1854-1898) Queen consort of Lombardy-Venetia (1854-1866) Filmography: Ludwig 1972 Director: Luchino Visconti Starring: Helmut…

Margarita Teresa de Austria (Holy Roman Empress)

(1651–1673) Holy Roman Empress (1666–1673) Queen of Germany (1666–1673) Queen Consort of Hungary and Bohemia (1666–1673) Archduchess consort of Austria (1666–1673) Margarita Teresa in Art: Giordano, Luca (1634-1705) Omaggio a Velázquez c.1692–1700 National Gallery, London     Velázquez, Diego (1599-1660) Infanta Margarita Teresa…

Isabella of Portugal (Holy Roman Empress)

(1503–1539) Isabella of Portugal in Art: Tiziano (c.1488-1576) Isabella del Portogallo 1548 Museo del Prado, Madrid     Family: • Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (1500-1558): Husband • Felipe II, King of Spain (1527-1598): Son See also: • Queens Consort

Victoria (United Kingdom)

(1819–1901) Queen of the United Kingdom (1837–1901) Empress of India (1876–1901) Queen Victoria in Art: Abercromby, Julia (1840-1915) Queen Victoria 1883 National Portrait Gallery, London