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Festival a Montmartre (1913)

Severini, Gino (1883-1966) Festival a Montmartre (Festival in Montmartre) 1913 Oil on canvas, 88.9 × 116.2 cm Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Gino Severini was a member of the Futurists, a group of Italian artists that announced its existence with a manifesto…

Spring (1894)

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912) Spring 1894 Oil on canvas, 178.4 × 80.3 cm Getty Center, Los Angeles

Fête des fleurs (1923)

Matisse, Henri (1869-1954) Fête des fleurs (Festival of Flowers, Nice) 1923 Oil on canvas, 65.5 x 92.7 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland While living in Nice after World War I, Matisse adopted a more relaxed style saturated with the warm…