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Henry VIII (England)

(1491–1547) King of England (1509–1547) Lord of Ireland (1509–1542) King of Ireland (1542–1547) Henry VIII in Literature: • Shakespeare, William (1564-1616): Henry VIII (1613) • Twain, Mark (1835-1910): The Prince and the Pauper (1881) Henry VIII in Art: Holbein, Hans the Younger (c.1497-1543) Henry VIII of England c.1537…

Palace of Placentia, Greenwich (England)

Palace of Placentia or Greenwich Palace. Built: 1443 Rebuilt: 1499 Demolished: 1660 Births: • Elizabeth I, Queen of England and Ireland (1533-1603) • Henry VIII, King of England and Ireland (1491-1547) See also: • Palaces | England