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Le Pierrot au livre (1924)

Gris, Juan (1887-1927) Le Pierrot au livre (Pierrot with Book) 1924 Oil on canvas, 65.5 × 50.8 cm Tate Britain, London On display at Tate Modern. Although this painting is resolutely figurative, it is strongly influenced by Cubism. Pierrot’s upper body…

Verre, couteau et assiette de fruits (1918)

Gris, Juan (1887-1927) Verre, couteau et assiette de fruits (Tumbler, Knife, and Plate of Fruit) 1918 Graphite, 25.8 x 33.4 cm Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton The Spanish-born painter and draftsman Juan Gris studied mathematics and engineering in Madrid for two…

Portrait de Josette Gris (1917)

Gris, Juan (1887-1927) Portrait de Josette Gris (Portrait of Josette Gris) 1917 Pencil on paper, 39.2 x 28.3 cm Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv See also: • Gris, Josette (1894-1983)

Josette Gris

(1894–1983) Charlotte Augusta Fernande Herpin Josette in Art: Gris, Juan (1887-1927) Mujer sentada 1917 Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid     Gris, Juan (1887-1927) Portrait de Josette Gris 1917 Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv   Born 1894 Loches (France) Died September 6 1983…

Homme dans un café (1912)

Gris, Juan (1887-1927) Homme dans un café (Man in a Café) 1912 Oil on canvas, 127.6 x 88.3 cm Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia See also: • Apollinaire, Guillaume (1880-1918) | Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973)