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Derek Jarman

(1942–1994)   Born January 31 1942 London (England) Died February 19 1994 London (England) Cause of death AIDS Occupation Film director

Daniela Bianchi

(1942) Filmography as Actress: From Russia with Love 1963 Director: Terence Young Starring: Sean Connery, Daniela Bianchi     Born January 31 1942 Roma (Italia) Occupation Actress Model  

Suzanne Pleshette

(1937–2008) Filmography as Actress: The Birds 1963 Director: Alfred Hitchcock Starring: Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor   Born January 31 1937 Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, New York, NY (USA) Died January 19 2008 Los Angeles, CA (USA) Cause of death Lung cancer Occupation Actress Awards Emmy…

Jean Simmons

(1929–2010) Jean Merilyn Simmons, OBE Filmography as Actress: Caesar and Cleopatra 1945 Director: Gabriel Pascal Starring: Vivien Leigh, Claude Rains     Désirée 1954 Director: Henry Koster Cast: Marlon Brando, Jean Simmons     Spartacus 1960 Director: Stanley Kubrick Starring: Kirk Douglas, Laurence Olivier  …

January 31

Births: • Bianchi, Daniela (1942) • Jarman, Derek (1942-1994) • Pleshette, Suzanne (1937-2008) • Simmons, Jean (1929-2010)