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San Giorgio Maggiore, crépuscule (1908)

Monet, Claude (1840-1926) San Giorgio Maggiore, crépuscule (San Giorgio Maggiore, Twilight) 1908 Oil on canvas, 65.2 x 92.4 cm National Museum Wales, Cardiff A view of the monastery island of San Giorgio, painted from the south-eastern end of Venice. On the right…

San Giorgio Maggiore (1908)

Monet, Claude (1840-1926) San Giorgio Maggiore 1908 Oil on canvas, 59.2 x 81.2 cm National Museum Wales, Cardiff Between October and December 1908, Monet and his wife Alice visited Venice, where they stayed on the Grand Canal. This composition depicts the…

Santa Maria del Carmine (Firenze)

Opened: 1268 Completed: 1782 Address: Piazza del Carmine, 50124 Firenze, Italia Website: https://cultura.comune.fi.it/pagina/musei-civici-fiorentini/cappella-brancacci-santa-maria-del-carmine • Cappella Brancacci See also: • Churches | Firenze (Italia) | Museums

La Rábida

Monasterio de Santa María de La Rábida La Rábida in Art: Delacroix, Eugène (1798-1863) Christophe Colomb et son fils à La Rábida 1838 National Gallery of Art, Washington     See also: • Abbeys | Palos de la Frontera (España)

Christophe Colomb et son fils à La Rábida (1838)

Delacroix, Eugène (1798-1863) Christophe Colomb et son fils à La Rábida (Christopher Columbus and His Son at La Rábida) 1838 Oil on canvas, 90.3 x 118 cm National Gallery of Art, Washington See also: • Colombo, Cristoforo (1451-1506) | La Rábida |…

Mont Saint-Michel, soleil couchant (1897)

Signac, Paul (1863-1935) Mont Saint-Michel, soleil couchant (Mont Saint-Michel, Setting Sun) 1897 Oil on canvas, 66.04 × 81.6 cm Dallas Museum of Art, Dallas In 1897 Paul Signac made a series of seven paintings of Mont Saint-Michel, a medieval monastery on…

Museu de Montserrat

Founded: 1911 Location: Monestir de Montserrat, Barcelona Website: https://www.museudemontserrat.com/ Collection: • Caravaggio (1571-1610): San Girolamo penitente (1605) See also: • Barcelona (España) | Museums

Monestir de Montserrat (Barcelona)

Founded: 1025 Location: Monistrol de Montserrat, Barcelona Order: Benedictine Dedicated to Santa María de Montserrat Website: https://abadiamontserrat.cat/ Museum: • Museu de Montserrat Collection: • Caravaggio (1571-1610): San Girolamo in meditazione (1605-06) See also: • Abbeys