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Jeune femme couchée en costume espagnol (1862-1863)

Manet, Édouard (1832-1883) Jeune femme couchée en costume espagnol (Reclining Young Woman in Spanish Costume) 1862–1863 Oil on canvas, 94.7 × 113.7 cm Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven Manet dedicates the painting “To my friend Nadar”. See also: • Nadar (1820-1910)

A Clockwork Orange (1971)

Director: Stanley Kubrick Producer: Stanley Kubrick Screenplay: Stanley Kubrick Based on: A Clockwork Orange (1962) by Anthony Burgess Genre: Crime | Drama | Science Fiction Music: Wendy Carlos Country: United Kingdom | United States Language: English Studio: Warner Bros. Release date: 1971 Running time:…

Nascita di Venere (1484-1485)

Botticelli, Sandro (c.1445-1510) Nascita di Venere (Birth of Venus) 1484–1485 Tempera on canvas, 172.5 x 278.5 cm Galleria degli Uffizi, Firenze Detail of Venus. Detail of the face of Venus. Detail of Zephyrus and Chloris/Aura. Detail of Flora/Hora/Pomona. See also: • Vespucci, Simonetta (1453-1476)

Primavera (c.1482)

Botticelli, Sandro (c.1445-1510) Primavera (Allegory of Spring) c.1482 Tempera on panel, 207 x 319 cm Galleria degli Uffizi, Firenze Detail of Flora’s face. Detail of Flora. Detail of Flora and Chloris. Detail of Chloris. Detail of Choris and Zephyrus. Detail of Venus.…

Limones, naranjas y rosa (1633)

Zurbarán, Francisco de (1598-1664) Limones, naranjas y rosa (Still Life with Lemons, Oranges and a Rose) 1633 Oil on canvas, 62.2 x 109.5 cm Norton Simon Museum, Pasadena