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Walter Matthau

(1920–2000) Walter John Matthow Filmography as Actor:   The Odd Couple 1968 Director: Gene Saks Starring: Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau     Born October 1 1920 New York, NY (USA) Died July 1 2000 Santa Monica, CA (USA) Cause of death…

Suzanne Pleshette

(1937–2008) Filmography as Actress:   The Birds 1963 Director: Alfred Hitchcock Starring: Tippi Hedren, Rod Taylor     Born January 31 1937 Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, New York, NY (USA) Died January 19 2008 Los Angeles, CA (USA) Cause of death Lung cancer Occupation Actress…

Victor Garber

(1949) Victor Joseph Garber Filmography as Actor:   Sleepless in Seattle 1993 Director: Nora Ephron Starring: Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan     Born March 16 1949 London (Canada) Occupation Actor Musician Singer  

Mike Nichols

(1931–2014) Michael Igor Peschkowsky Filmography as Director:   The Graduate 1967 Director: Mike Nichols Starring: Anne Bancroft, Dustin Hoffman     Working Girl 1988 Director: Mike Nichols Starring: Harrison Ford, Melanie Griffith     Born November 6 1931 Berlin (Germany) Died November…

Peter Falk

(1927–2011) Peter Michael Falk Filmography as Actor:   Murder by Death 1976 Director: Robert Moore Starring: Eileen Brennan, Truman Capote     Born September 16 1927 New York, NY (USA) Died June 23 2011 Beverly Hills, CA (USA) Cause of death…

Dyan Cannon

(1937) Samille Diane Friesen Filmography as Actress: Heaven Can Wait 1978 Director: Warren Beatty, Buck Henry Starring: Warren Beatty, Julie Christie     Born January 4 1937 Tacoma, WA (USA) Husband Cary Grant (1904-1986) Occupation Actress Film director Producer Occupation…

Charles Grodin

(1935) Charles Grodinsky Filmography as Actor:   Heaven Can Wait 1978 Director: Warren Beatty, Buck Henry Starring: Warren Beatty, Julie Christie     Born April 21 1935 Pittsburgh, PA (USA) Occupation Actor Writer Awards Emmy  

Claire Bloom

(1931) Patricia Claire Blume, CBE Filmography as Actress: Clash of the Titans 1981 Director: Desmond Davis Starring: Laurence Olivier, Claire Bloom     Born February 15 1931 Finchley, London (England) Husband Rod Steiger (1925-2002) Occupation Actress Awards BAFTA Title Commander…

Lesley Ann Warren

(1946) Lesley Ann Warrenoff Filmography as Actress:   Victor/Victoria 1982 Director: Blake Edwards Starring: Julie Andrews, James Garner     Born August 16 1946 New York, NY (USA) Occupation Actress Dancer Singer Awards Academy Award Emmy Golden Globe  


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