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Dante Gabriel Rossetti

(1828–1882) Gabriel Charles Dante Rossetti The artist’s works: Self-Portrait 1847 National Portrait Gallery, London Ecce Ancilla Domini 1850 Tate Britain, London Paolo and Francesca da Rimini 1855 Tate Britain, London Bocca Baciata 1859 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston Dantis Amor 1860 Tate Britain, London Portrait…

Sappho: Quotations

Sappho (7th-6th century BC) “Like the sweet apple which reddens upon the topmost bough, Atop on the topmost twig, which the pluckers forgot, somehow, Forget it not, nay; but got it not, for none could get it till now.” (Translated by…


(7th–6th century BC) Works: ◊ Poems (English) ◊ Poésies (French) ◊ Sappho: A New Rendering (English) Quotes: • Sappho: Quotations See also: • Poets | Writers