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La fortezza di Königstein (1756-1758)

Bellotto, Bernardo (1721–1780) La fortezza di Königstein (The Fortress of Königstein) 1756–1758 Oil on canvas, 133 x 235.7 cm National Gallery of Art, Washington See also: • Königstein Fortress (Germany)

Prove di Mosè (1481-1482-Moses)

Botticelli, Sandro (c.1445-1510) Prove di Mosè (Trials of Moses) 1481–1482 Fresco, 348.5 x 558 cm Cappella Sistina, Vaticano Detail of the calling of Moses. Detail of Moses removing his shoes. Detail of a woman, perhaps Simonetta Vespucci. See also: • Vespucci, Simonetta (1453-1476)

Consegna delle chiavi del Regno (1515-1516)

Raffaello (1483-1520) Consegna delle chiavi del Regno (Christ’s Charge to Peter) 1515–1516 Bodycolour over charcoal underdrawing on paper, mounted on canvas, 343 x 532 cm Victoria and Albert Museum, London On loan from HM Queen Elizabeth II Image: Victoria and Albert…