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Le Brochet (1888)

Sisley, Alfred (1839-1899) Le Brochet (The Pike) 1888 Oil on canvas, 41.9 x 80.6 cm Wadsworth Atheneum, Hartford In dabs of paint, Sisley captures the light sparkling on this magnificent pike and the bright sprig of herbs nearby. The rumpled linen,…

Bougival (1876)

Sisley, Alfred (1839-1899) Bougival 1876 Oil on canvas, 62.2 x 73.7 cm Cincinnati Art Museum, Cincinnati See also: • Bougival (France)

Une rue à Marly (1876)

Sisley, Alfred (1839-1899) Une rue à Marly (A Street in Marly) 1876 Oil on canvas, 50 x 65 cm Kunsthalle Mannheim, Mannheim See also: • Marly-le-Roi (France)

Rue de village à Marlotte (1866)

Sisley, Alfred (1839-1899) Rue de village à Marlotte (Village Street in Marlotte) 1866 Oil on canvas, 64.77 x 91.44 cm Buffalo AKG Art Museum, Buffalo Although Alfred Sisley is considered one of the key figures of Impressionism, he remained somewhat of…

Bourron-Marlotte (France)

Bourron-Marlotte in Art: Sisley, Alfred (1839-1899) Rue de village à Marlotte 1866 Buffalo AKG Art Museum, Buffalo     See also: • Cities | France

La Tamise à Hampton Court (1874)

Sisley, Alfred (1839-1899) La Tamise à Hampton Court (The Thames at Hampton Court) 1874 Oil on canvas, 34.93 × 59.69 cm Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond See also: After a short visit to South Kensington, England, in July 1874, Sisley…

La Seine à Billancourt (1877)

Sisley, Alfred (1839-1899) La Seine à Billancourt (The Seine at Billancourt) 1877 Oil on canvas, 45.7 x 54.9 cm Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia See also: • Boulogne-Billancourt (France)

Saint-Cloud (1877)

Sisley, Alfred (1839-1899) Saint-Cloud 1877 Oil on canvas, 50.5 x 65.5 cm Musée du Louvre, Paris See also: • Saint-Cloud (France)