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Ludwig II (Bavaria)

(1845–1886) Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm King of Bavaria (1864–1886) Filmography: Ludwig 1972 Director: Luchino Visconti Starring: Helmut Berger, Romy Schneider   Born August 25 1845 Nymphenburg Palace, Munich (Germany) Died June 13 1886 Starnberger See (Germany) Cause of death Suicide (drowning)…

Rachel Roberts

(1927–1980) Filmography as Actress: Great Expectations 1974 Director: Joseph Hardy Starring: Michael York, Sarah Miles     Murder on the Orient Express 1974 Director: Sidney Lumet Starring: Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall     Foul Play 1978 Director: Colin Higgins Starring: Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase   Born…

Lucretia (1666)

Rembrandt (1606-1669) Lucretia 1666 Oil on canvas, 110.17 x 92.28 cm Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis Detail. Detail. Detail.

Morte di Cleopatra (1661-1662)

Cagnacci, Guido (1601-1663) Morte di Cleopatra (The Death of Cleopatra) c.1661–1662 Oil on canvas, 140 x 159.3 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna See also: • Cleopatra (69-30 BC)

Lorenzo de’ Lorenzi

(c.1459–1502) Lorenzo de’ Lorenzi in Art: Botticelli, Sandro (c.1445-1510) Ritratto di Lorenzo de’ Lorenzi c.1492 Philadelphia Museum of Art, Philadelphia     See also: • Firenze (Italia) | Professors

Antonin Proust

(1832–1905) Antonin Proust in Art: Manet, Édouard (1832-1883) Portrait d’Antonin Proust c.1877 Pushkin Museum of Fine Art, Moscow     Manet, Édouard (1832-1883) Antonin Proust 1880 Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo     Manet, Édouard (1832-1883) Portrait d’Antonin Proust 1880–1881 Musée Fabre, Montpellier…

Marilyn Monroe

(1926–1962) Norma Jeane Mortenson Filmography as Actress: All About Eve 1950 Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz Starring: Bette Davis, Anne Baxter     Gentlemen Prefer Blondes 1953 Director: Howard Hawks Starring: Jane Russell, Marilyn Monroe     The Prince and the Showgirl 1957 Director: Laurence Olivier Starring: Marilyn Monroe, Laurence…