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Café Maison, Le Caire (1884)

Gérôme, Jean-Léon (1824-1904) Café Maison, Le Caire; la coulée balles (Cafe House, Cairo; Casting Bullets) 1884 or earlier Oil on canvas, 54.6 x 62.9 cm Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York See also: • Cairo (Egypt)

Arrest of Jesus (c.1510-1520)

Bosch, Hieronymus (c.1450-1516) Arrest of Jesus c.1510–1520 Oil and gold on panel Museo de Bellas Artes, Valencia This is the left panel of the Passion Triptych. See also: Bosch, Hieronymus (c.1450-1516) Passion Triptych c.1510–1520 Museo de Bellas Artes, Valencia    

Passion Triptych (c.1510-1520)

Bosch, Hieronymus (c.1450-1516) Passion Triptych c.1510–1520 Oil and gold on panel, 150.5 x 334.5 cm Museo de Bellas Artes, Valencia Left panel: Bosch, Hieronymus (c.1450-1516) Arrest of Jesus c.1510–1520 Museo de Bellas Artes, Valencia     Central panel: Bosch, Hieronymus (c.1450-1516) Crowning…

Supplizio del fornaio (c.1515)

Pontormo (1494-1557) Supplizio del fornaio (Pharaoh with his Butler and Baker) c.1515 Oil on wood, 61 x 51.7 cm National Gallery, London This painting was commissioned to celebrate the marriage of Pierfrancesco Borgherini to Margherita Accaiuoli in 1515. It formed part of a…