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Two for the Road (1967)

Director: Stanley Donen Producer: Stanley Donen Screenplay: Frederic Raphael Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romantic Music: Henry Mancini Country: United Kingdom Language: English Studio: 20th Century Fox Release date: 1967 Running time: 111 minutes Audrey Hepburn (1929-1993) as Joanna Wallace Albert Finney (1936-2019) as…

Gesù al tavolo con due discepoli

Tiziano (c.1488-1576) Gesù al tavolo con due discepoli (Jesus at table with two disciples) 16th century Engraving on paper, 27.5 x 25.2 cm Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires

Deux femmes tahitiennes (1899)

Gauguin, Paul (1848-1903) Deux femmes tahitiennes (Two Tahitian Women) 1899 Oil on canvas, 94 x 72.4 cm Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York See also: • Tahiti (French Polynesia)