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Woody Allen

(1935) Allan Stewart Konigsberg Filmography as Director and Actor: Annie Hall 1977 Director: Woody Allen Starring: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton     Manhattan 1979 Director: Woody Allen Starring: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton     Filmography as Director: The Purple Rose…

Charles Bukowski

(1920–1994) Henry Charles Bukowski, born Heinrich Karl Bukowski Works: • Flower, Fist, and Bestial Wail (1960) • It Catches My Heart in Its Hands (1963) • Confessions of a Man Insane Enough to Live with Beasts (1965) • Crucifix in…

Leon Trotsky

(1879–1940) Lev Davidovich Bronshtein Trotsky in Art: Kahlo, Frida (1907-1954) Autorretrato dedicado a León Trotsky 1937 National Museum of Women in the Arts, Washington     Trotsky in Film: Frida 2002 Director: Julie Taymor Starring: Salma Hayek, Alfred Molina   Born November 7 1879…

Giorgio de Chirico

(1888–1978) Giuseppe Maria Alberto Giorgio de Chirico The artist’s works: La tour rouge 1913 Guggenheim Museum, New York Il Canto d’amore 1914 Museum of Modern Art, New York Il cattivo genio di un re 1914–1915 Museum of Modern Art, New York Ettore e…

Félix Fénéon

(1861–1944) Félix Fénéon in Art: Signac, Paul (1863-1935) Portrait de Félix Fénéon 1890 Museum of Modern Art, New York   Born June 22 1861 Torino (Italia) Died February 29 1944 Châtenay-Malabry (France) Buried Cimetière du Père Lachaise (Paris) Occupation Art Critic Art…

André Malraux

(1901–1976)   Born November 3 1901 Paris (France) Died November 23 1976 Créteil (France) Occupation Novelist Writer Awards Croix de guerre 1939-1945 Prix Goncourt See also: • Place André-Malraux (Paris)

Gertrude Stein

(1874–1946) Gertrude Stein in Art: Laurencin, Marie (1883-1956) Réunion à la campagne 1909 Musée Picasso, Paris     Picasso, Pablo (1881-1973) Gertrude Stein 1905–1906 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York   Born February 3 1874 Allegheny City, PA (USA) Died July 27 1946…

Tristán Ulloa

(1970) Filmography as Actor: El tiempo entre costuras 2013–2014 Director: Iñaki Mercero & others Starring: Adriana Ugarte, Raúl Arévalo   Born May 6 1970 Orléans (France) Occupation Actor Film director Writer

Thomas Middleton

(1580–1627) Works: • The Revenger’s Tragedy (1606) Baptized April 18 1580 London (England) Died July 4 1627 Newington Butts, London (England) Occupation Playwright Poet Writer

Thomas Dekker

(c.1572-c.1632) Works: • The Noble Spanish Soldier (English) • Satiro-Mastix; or, the Vntrussing of the Humorous Poet (English) • Thomas Dekker Edited (English)   Born c.1572 London (England) Died August 25 c.1632 London (England) Occupation Playwright Writer