Louisa May Alcott



A Garland for Girls (English)

A Modern Cinderella (English)

A Modern Mephistopheles (English)

A Supplementary Reader for the Fourth Year of School (English)

An Old-Fashioned Girl (English)

Aunt Jo’s Scrap Bag, Volume 1 (English)

Aunt Jo’s Scrap Bag, Volume 2 (English)

Aunt Jo’s Scrap-Bag, Volume 3 (English)

Aunt Jo’s Scrap-Bag, Volume 4 (English)

Aunt Jo’s Scrap Bag, Volume 5 (English)

Aunt Jo’s Scrap Bag, Volume 6 (English)

Bloemensprookjes van Tante Jo (Dutch)

Behind a Mask; or, a Woman’s Power (English)

Comic Tragedies (English)

Eight Cousins (English)

Flower Fables (English)

Hospital Sketches (English)

Jack and Jill (English)

Jo’s Boys (English)

Kahdeksan serkusta (Finnish)

Kun ruusu puhkeaa (Finnish)

Kitty’s Class Day and Other Stories (English)

Life, Letters, and Journals (English)

Little Men (English)

Little Women (English)

Lulu’s Library, Volume 1 (English)

Lulu’s Library, Volume 2 (English)

Lulu’s Library, Volume 3 (English)

Marjorie’s Three Gifts (English)

May Flowers (English)

Mia Kontrabandulo (Esperanto)

Moods (English)

Mountain-Laurel and Maidenhair (English)

On Picket Duty, and Other Tales (English)

Onder Moeders Vleugels (Dutch)

Op Eigen Wieken (Dutch)

Pauline’s Passion and Punishment (English)

Pikku miehiä (Finnish)

Pikku naisia (Finnish)

Plumfieldin pojat (Finnish)

Proverb Stories (English)

Rose in Bloom (English)

Silver Pitchers (English)

Spinning-Wheel Stories (English)

The Abbot’s Ghost (English)

The Candy Country (English)

The Mysterious Key and What It Opened (English)

Three Unpublished Poems (English)

Tytöistä parhain (Finnish)

Under the Lilacs (English)

Viimevuotiset ystävämme (Finnish)

Work: A Story of Experience (English)

Filmography as Writer:

Little Women
Director: George Cukor
Starring: Katharine Hepburn, Joan Bennett



Little Women
Director: Mervyn LeRoy
Starring: June Allyson, Peter Lawford



Little Women
Director: Gillian Armstrong
Starring: Winona Ryder, Gabriel Byrne


Born November 29 1832 Germantown, Philadelphia, PA (USA)
Died March 6 1888 Boston, MA (USA)
Occupation Novelist Poet Writer