Cleopatra (1963)

Cleopatra (1963)2

Director: Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Producer: Walter Wanger
Screenplay: Joseph L. Mankiewicz, Ranald MacDougall, Sidney Buchman
Based on: The Life and Times of Cleopatra by C. M. Franzero
Genre: Historical | Drama
Music: Alex North
Country: United Kingdom, United StatesSwitzerland
Language: English
Studio: 20th Century Fox
Release date: 12 June 1963
Running time: 192 minutes

Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor (1932-2011)
as Cleopatra (69-30 BC)

Richard Burton

Richard Burton (1925-1984)
as Mark Antony

Rex Harrison

Rex Harrison (1908-1990)
as Julius Caesar (100-44 BC)

Carroll O'Connor

Carroll O’Connor (1924-2001)
as Servilius Casca

Roddy McDowall

Roddy McDowall (1928-1998)
as Octavian

Martin Landau

Martin Landau (1928-2017)
as Rufio

Hume Cronyn

Hume Cronyn (1911-2003)
as Sosigenes

Pamela Brown

Pamela Brown (1917-1975)
as the High Priestess

George Cole

George Cole (1925-2015)
as Flavius

NPG x76107; Gwen Watford

Gwen Watford (1927-1994)
as Calpurnia

Marina Berti (1924-2002)
as Queen at Tarsus

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