The First Wives Club (1996)

Director: Hugh Wilson
Producer: Scott Rudin
Screenplay: Robert Harling
Based on: The First Wives Club by Olivia Goldsmith
Genre: Comedy
Music: Marc Shaiman
Country: United States
Language: English
Studio: Paramount Pictures
Release date: 1996
Running time: 103 minutes

Diane Keaton (1946)
as Annie MacDuggan-Paradis

Bette Midler (1945)
as Brenda Morelli-Cushman

Goldie Hawn (1945)
as Elise Eliot-Atchison

Maggie Smith (1934)
as Gunilla Garson Goldberg

Sarah Jessica Parker (1965)
as Shelly Stewart

Dan Hedaya (1940)
as Morton ‘Morty’ Cushman

Stephen Collins (1947)
as Aaron Paradis

Victor Garber (1949)
as Bill Atchison

Philip Bosco (1930-2018)
as Uncle Carmine Morelli

Rob Reiner (1947)
as Dr. Morris Packman