Ben Jonson


Benjamin Jonson


A Tale of a Tub (English)

Bartholomew Fair (1614)

Cynthia’s Revels (English)

Discoveries Made Upon Men and Matter and Some Poems (English)

Epicoene; Or, The Silent Woman (English)

Every Man in His Humour (English)

Every Man out of His Humour (English)

On Bacon (English)

On Shakespeare (English)

Sejanus: His Fall (English)

The Alchemist (English)

The Case Is Altered (1609)

The Devil is an Ass (English)

The Poetaster (English)

The Sad Shepherd (English)

Volpone; Or, The Fox (English)


Born June 11 1572 Westminster, London (England)
Died August 6 1637 London (England)
Occupation Literary critic Playwright
Occupation Poet Writer