Cardinal Niccolò Albergati (c.1438)

Van Eyck, Jan (c.1390-1441)

Cardinal Niccolò Albergati?
Oil on oak, 34 × 29.5 cm
Kunsthistorisches MuseumVienna

During a peace congress in Arras in 1435, van Eyck made a silverpoint drawing (Dresden), in which he not only recorded the physiognomy of the aged cardinal and papal envoy, but also noted down colour indications. The painted portrait was created a short time later. Contrary to the art-historical myth, van Eyck did not invent oil painting, i.e. the use of oil resins as binders. However, he transferred the fine painting, which had already reached its peak in book illumination, into the larger format of panel painting with the new, highly refined technique. (KHM)


Van Eyck, Jan (c.1390-1441)
Portrait of Cardinal Niccolò Albergati
Gemäldegalerie Alte MeisterDresden



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