Desco da parto (1526-1527)

Pontormo (1494-1557)

Desco da parto: Nascita di San Giovanni Battista (Birthing-tray: Birth of St John the Baptist)
Oil on panel, 89 x 74 cm
Galleria degli UffiziFirenze

The birthing tray was a ceremonial object typically used in Tuscany in the 15th century. It was a large circular wooden tray used to serve meals to new mothers. This birthing tray was painted by Pontormo for the birth of Alderighi della Casa, the first son of Girolamo della Casa and Lisabetta Tornaquinci, born in Florence on January 15, 1527.

Verso: Coat of arms for the union of Girolamo della Casa and Lisabetta Tornaquinci.