Paysage avec Figures, Céret (1922)

Soutine, Chaïm (1893-1943)

Paysage avec Figures, Céret (Landscape with Figures, Céret)
Oil on canvas, 73 x 54 cm
High Museum of ArtAtlanta

Chaïm Soutine painted this landscape in the town of Céret in the French Pyrenees mountains, along with about two hundred other canvases. After returning to Paris at the end of this sojourn, he developed a distaste for his own work and attempted to destroy many of the paintings. Landscape with Figures, which fortunately survived this purge, is of particular significance for Atlanta. Linda Lanier Ramsey donated the painting in honor of her parents, who were among the 122 members of the Atlanta arts community who perished in the 1962 Orly plane crash. (HIGH)

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