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La Inmaculada Concepción (1661)

Zurbarán, Francisco de (1598-1664) La Inmaculada Concepción (The Immaculate Conception) 1661 Oil on canvas, 136.5 x 102 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest Compare: Zurbarán, Francisco de (1598-1664) La Inmaculada Concepción 1628–1630 Museo del Prado, Madrid    

The Stone Bridge (c.1660-1672)

Van der Heyden, Jan (1637-1712) The Stone Bridge c.1660–1672 Oil on panel, 37 x 44.5 cm Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam This work depicts an imaginary canal. While it is clearly inspired by Amsterdam models, Jan van der Heyden gave it his own twist.…

A View in Cologne (c.1660-1665)

Van der Heyden, Jan (1637-1712) A View in Cologne c.1660–1665 Oil on oak, 33.1 x 42.9 cm National Gallery, London Compare: Van der Heyden, Jan (1637-1712) Street in Cologne first half of the 1600s Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg     See also: • Cologne (Germany)

Morte di Cleopatra (1660-1662)

Cagnacci, Guido (1601-1663) Morte di Cleopatra (Death of Cleopatra) 1660–1662 Oil on canvas, 120 x 158 cm Pinacoteca di Brera, Milano Compare: Cagnacci, Guido (1601-1663) La Morte di Cleopatra c.1645–1655 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York     Cagnacci, Guido (1601-1663) Morte di…