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Le Fifre (1866)

Manet, Édouard (1832-1883) Le Fifre (The Fifer) 1866 Oil on canvas, 160.5 x 97 cm Musée d’Orsay, Paris See also: • Koelin-Leenhoff, Léon (1852-1927)

Ernesto de la Cárcova

(1866–1927) Ernesto Celedonio Emeterio de la Cárcova y Arrotea The artist’s works: Sin pan y sin trabajo 1893 Museo de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires María de la Cárcova de Ferrari 1894 Museo de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires En el jardín…

Agostina (1866)

Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Camille (1796-1875) Agostina 1866 Oil on canvas, 132.4 x 97.6 cm National Gallery of Art, Washington

La Femme au perroquet (1866)

Manet, Édouard (1832-1883) La Femme au perroquet (Woman with a Parrot, Young Lady in 1866) 1866 Oil on canvas, 185.1 x 128.6 cm Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Manet’s model, Victorine Meurent, had recently posed as the brazen nudes in…

Nationalmuseum (Stockholm)

1792: Founded as “Kungliga Museet” (Royal Museum) 1866: Current building completed and opened Location: Södra Blasieholmshamnen 2, 111 48 Stockholm Website: https://www.nationalmuseum.se/en/ Collection: • Arcimboldo, Giuseppe (1526-1593): Il Cuoco (c.1570) • Arcimboldo, Giuseppe (1526-1593): Il Giurista (1566) • Manet, Édouard (1832-1883): Jeune garçon pelant une…

Andrew Johnson

(1808–1875) 17th President of the United States (1865–1869) See also: • Presidents of the United States | United States

Edouard Blau (1866)

Bazille, Frédéric (1841-1870) Edouard Blau 1866 Oil on canvas 59.5 x 43.2 cm National Gallery of Art, Washington See also: • Blau, Édouard (1836-1906)

Autoportrait (1865-1866)

Bazille, Frédéric (1841-1870) Autoportrait (Self-portrait) 1865–1866 Oil on canvas, 108.9 x 71.1 cm Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago Frédéric Bazille was in his mid-20s when he executed this startlingly direct self-portrait. Depicted against a dark background with only his palette and brushes…