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L’Avenir des statues (1937)

Magritte, René (1898-1967) L’Avenir des statues (The Future of Statues) 1937 Oil on plaster, 33 × 16.5 x 20.3 cm Tate Britain, London This work is made from a plaster copy of the death mask of the French Emperor Napoleon. A…

Le Dormeur téméraire (1928)

Magritte, René (1898-1967) Le Dormeur téméraire (The Reckless Sleeper) 1928 Oil on canvas, 116 × 81 x 2 cm Tate Britain, London A figure sleeps in a wooden alcove above a dark cloudy sky. The way into this space is barred…

Sogno di Sant’Orsola (c.1495)

Carpaccio, Vittore (c.1460-c.1526) Sogno di Sant’Orsola (The Dream of Saint Ursula) c.1495 Oil on canvas, 273 x 567 cm Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venezia This is the fifth of nine paintings in the cycle of the Legend of St. Ursula (Storie di sant’Orsola).…

Incoronazione della Vergine (c.1434-1435)

Angelico, Fra (c.1395-1455) Incoronazione della Vergine (Coronation of the Virgin) c.1434–1435 Tempera on poplar, 209 x 206 cm Musée du Louvre, Paris Scenes depicted in the predella: Dream of Innocent III and St. Dominic lifting the church. Apparition of Saints Peter and…

San Francesco riceve le stimmate (c.1300-1325)

Giotto (c.1267-1337) San Francesco riceve le stimmate (St. Francis receiving the stigmata) c.1300–1325 Tempera and gold on poplar, 313 x 163 cm Musée du Louvre, Paris Signature: OPUS IOCTI FLORENTINI (“Work of Florentine Giotto”).

Le rêve (1931)

Dalí, Salvador (1904-1989) Le rêve (The Dream) 1931 Oil on canvas, 96 x 96 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland

Il Sogno (c.1533)

Michelangelo (1475-1564) Il Sogno (The Dream) c.1533 Black chalk on laid paper, 27.8 x 39.8 cm Courtauld Institute of Art, London