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And God Created Woman (1988)

Director: Roger Vadim Producer: George G. Braunstein Screenplay: R.J. Stewart Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romantic Music: Thomas Chase, Steve Rucker Country: United States Language: English Studio: Vestron Pictures Release date: 1988 Running time: 98 minutes Rebecca De Mornay (1959) as Robin…

Et Dieu… créa la femme (1956)

And God Created Woman Director: Roger Vadim Producer: Raoul Lévy Screenplay: Roger Vadim, Raoul Lévy Genre: Drama | Romantic Music: Paul Misraki Country: France Language: French Studio: Cocinor Release date: 1956 Running time: 95 minutes Brigitte Bardot (1934) as Juliette Hardy Curd…

Incoronazione della Vergine (c.1480)

Botticelli, Sandro (c.1445-1510) Incoronazione della Vergine (Coronation of the Virgin) c.1480 Tempera on panel, 378 x 258 cm Galleria degli Uffizi, Firenze Central panel of the Altarpiece of St. Mark. Detail: John the Evangelist, St. Augustine, St. Jerome and St. Eligius. Detail…

Pala di San Marco (c.1480)

Botticelli, Sandro (c.1445-1510) Pala di San Marco (Altarpiece of St. Mark) c.1480 Tempera on panel Galleria degli Uffizi, Firenze Central Panel: Coronation of the Virgin with St. John the Evangelist, St. Augustine, St. Jerome and St. Eligius. Botticelli, Sandro (c.1445-1510) Incoronazione della Vergine…

Pala delle Convertite (1491-1494)

Botticelli, Sandro (c.1445-1510) Pala delle Convertite (The Trinity with Saints) 1491–1494 Tempera on panel, 215 x 192 cm Courtauld Institute of Art, London Detail: Raphael The Archangel leading Tobias by the hand. Predella: Botticelli, Sandro (c.1445-1510) Maddalena che ascolta la predica di Cristo…

Crocifissione mistica (c. 1500)

Botticelli, Sandro (c.1445-1510) Crocifissione mistica (Mystic Crucifixion) c.1500 Tempera and oil on canvas (transferred from panel), 72.4 x 51.4 cm Fogg Art Museum, Cambridge, MA Detail: Jesus and God the Father. Detail: Mary Magdalene. Detail: Angel. Detail: City.

Prove di Mosè (1481-1482-Moses)

Botticelli, Sandro (c.1445-1510) Prove di Mosè (Trials of Moses) 1481–1482 Fresco, 348.5 x 558 cm Cappella Sistina, Vaticano Detail of the calling of Moses. Detail of Moses removing his shoes. Detail of a woman, perhaps Simonetta Vespucci. See also: • Vespucci, Simonetta (1453-1476)

Visitazione (c. 1517)

Raffaello (1483-1520) Visitazione (Visitation) c.1517 Oil on panel, 200 x 145 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid Detail of God the Father and angels. Detail of Saint Elizabeth and the Virgin. Detail of the Baptism of Jesus.