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Portrait d’Eva Gonzalès (1870)

Manet, Édouard (1832-1883) Portrait d’Eva Gonzalès (Portrait of Eva Gonzalès) 1870 Etching on paper, 24 x 15.8 cm Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Portrait of Manet‘s student Eva Gonzalès, profile to the right. The profile of the woman’s head is shown in just a…

Nounou avec enfant (1877-1878)

Gonzalès, Eva (1849-1883) Nounou avec enfant (Nanny and Child) 1877–1878 Oil on canvas, 65 x 81.4 cm National Gallery of Art, Washington Although a close associate of the impressionists who shared their dedication to the portrayal of modern life, Eva Gonzalès never…

Portrait de Eva Gonzalès à Dieppe (c.1880)

Guérard-Gonzalès, Jeanne (1852-1924) Portrait de Eva Gonzalès à Dieppe (Portrait of Eva Gonzalès in Dieppe) c.1880 Oil on canvas, 46 x 38 cm Private collection See also: • Dieppe (France) | Gonzalès, Eva (1849-1883)

La Mariée (1879)

Gonzalès, Eva (1849-1883) La Mariée (The Bride) 1879 Pastel on canvas, 46.4 x 38.5 cm Private collection See also: • Guérard-Gonzalès, Jeanne (1852-1924)

Le bouquet de violettes (c.1877-1878)

Gonzalès, Eva (1849-1883) Le bouquet de violettes (The Bouquet of Violets) c.1877–1878 Pastel on wove paper, 25.1 x 19.1 cm Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Gonzalès’s sister Jeanne, who was also an artist, probably posed for this scene. Women in the…

Jeanne Guérard-Gonzalès

(1852–1924) Jeanne Constance Philippe Gonzalès The artist’s works: Portrait de Eva Gonzalès à Dieppe c.1880 Private collection Jeanne in Art: Gonzalès, Eva (1849-1883) Le bouquet de violettes c.1877–1878 Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York     Gonzalès, Eva (1849-1883) La Mariée…

Pommes d’Api (1877-1878)

Gonzalès, Eva (1849-1883) Pommes d’Api (Lady Apples) 1877–1878 Pastel on paper mounted on canvas, 37.47 x 45.4 cm Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis