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La famille paysanne (1871-1872)

Millet, Jean-François (1814-1875) La famille paysanne (The peasant family) 1871–1872 Oil on canvas, 110.4 x 81 cm National Museum Wales, Cardiff The British painter Sickert commented: ‘The sublime man and his stolid spouse face the spectator with all the gravity and symmetry…

La fille aux oies à Gruchy (1854-1856)

Millet, Jean-François (1814-1875) La fille aux oies à Gruchy (The goose girl at Gruchy) 1854–1856 Oil on canvas, 33 x 24.8 cm National Museum Wales, Cardiff See also: • Gruchy, Gréville-Hague (France)

Les étoiles filantes (1847-1849)

Millet, Jean-François (1814-1875) Les étoiles filantes (The shooting stars) 1847–1849 Oil on board, 18.7 x 34.5 cm National Museum Wales, Cardiff This purely imaginary subject is unusual among Millet’s works. It refers to Dante‘s ‘Inferno‘ which in one section describes the…