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Mary Magdalene (1854)

Alma-Tadema, Lawrence (1836-1912) Mary Magdalene 1854 Oil on paper on panel, 31 × 35 cm Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam Head of a young woman. Together with SK-A-4173 forms a bust of Mary Magdalene. (RIJKS)

Maddalena penitente (c.1622-1628)

Gentileschi, Orazio (1563-1639) Maddalena penitente (The Penitent Mary Magdalene) c.1622–1628 Oil on canvas, 163 × 208 cm Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna Inscribed at lower right: HORATIVS GENE …FLORENTINVS Fully possessed of her physical beauty, the repentant sinner lies on the ground in…

San Girolamo penitente (c.1575)

Tiziano (c.1488-1576) San Girolamo penitente (The Penitent Saint Jerome) c.1575 Oil on canvas, 137 x 97 cm Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Madrid Compare: Tiziano (c.1488-1576) San Girolamo penitente 1550–1555 Pinacoteca di Brera, Milano     The Penitent Saint Jerome is dated to the final…

San Girolamo penitente (1546)

Lotto, Lorenzo (1480-1557) San Girolamo penitente (Penitent Saint Jerome) 1546 Oil on canvas, 99 x 90 cm Museo del Prado, Madrid Lorenzo Lotto‘s various depictions of the penitent Saint Jerome span early versions influenced by Albrecht Dürer and Giovanni Bellini (Musée…

San Girolamo (c.1638-1640)

Ribera, Jusepe de (1591-1652) San Girolamo (Saint Jerome) c.1638–1640 Oil on canvas, 129 x 100.3 cm Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland Saint Jerome (about ad 347–420) translated biblical texts into Latin. Although he sometimes appears as a scholar in his study,…

San Girolamo penitente (1606)

Allori, Alessandro (1535-1607) San Girolamo penitente (The Penitent Saint Jerome) 1606 Oil on wood panel, 52.7 x 41.6 cm Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton

Magdalena penitente (c.1577)

El Greco (1541-1614) Magdalena penitente (Penitent Magdalene) c.1577 Oil on canvas, 108 x 101.3 cm Worcester Art Museum, Worcester Compare: El Greco (1541-1614) Magdalena penitente c.1576–1577 Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest